Ask Sam about all questions related to trading and trading lifestyle. Here you will get the truth. No endorsements or biased opinions.

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Full name: Sam Freddy Jacobs
About: I have years of experience in financial markets, over 50 years he worked in companies like Morgan Stanley Reuters and Goldman Sachs and He became a stock and forex trader decades ago. I have been into situations and jobs you name it I was there. A broker, trader etc etc.I know how stuff works. I want to give you the basic cruse information that might be hurtful to you or any institutions. Pardon me but I will only stick with the truth.

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I am happy to spread the results of my intense research to the most common traders who needs help and guidance.I have traveled across he world and been a part of many money markets like Indian.Please do not ask me to refer or suggest a broker or an institution as it may sound like I am endorsing those companies, however I might post some links in the general category for general information purposes.
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